Being the Church in the Midst of a Pandemic

Keep up with worship, Bible studies and messages from FBC through Facebook. Click on the Facebook icon on the opening page of the website and it will take you to the First Baptist Williamsburg Facebook page. Pastor Ande has online worship services, Bible studies, music concerts, and more for you. You can also find these on the First Baptist YouTube Channel FBCW_KY Sermons.
During this time, please consider Online Giving.  Go to opening page of the First Baptist webpage. Click on online giving (located at the top of the website), fill out the form, and hit donate.You will be taken to a secure webpage form to fill out the specific credit card or bank information needed for online giving. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the church office.

Ministry Opportunities: There are members of the church and community who are alone and could use a contact. If you would be willing to make a phone call, write a note, Facetime, drop a casserole or plate of cookies off, send flowers, or contact someone in another way during this time, please call the church office at 549-0280. Also, if you know of people who need to be checked on, please call us so we can check in on them.

Food Pantry: Do you know of people who have lost their jobs during this time? Encourage them to call First Baptist Church Food Pantry. We can help.

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