We believe that every person has a calling to serve. Our passion groups are a great way for you to find part of that calling. Passion groups are open to anyone and are always looking for folks who want to be involved. Check out this list about some of the opportunities that are available and prayerfully consider how you can help out!

Benevolence Passion Group – provides financial assistance for individuals and families in the Williamsburg area. Typical applications are for past due utility bills. This group gives consideration for people who are generally managing their finances but have had an unforeseen situation occur. There is a limit of one request, per family / individual, per year.

Bereavement Passion Group – is charged with providing food or a meal upon the death of a church member, family member, or a close relative. Plans are made in consultation with and in consideration of the family’s wishes. Occasionally, church members are called upon to provide dishes or to help in the kitchen.

Children’s Ministry Passion Group – is charged with coordinating and guiding our Children’s Ministry Program.

Decorations Passion Group – decorates the church in order to enhance the worship experience. Flower arrangements are placed on the remembrance table and at each main entrance to the church building. Arrangements can be silk or fresh flowers and can be changed out as often as needed. Church banners are also available to be hung in the sanctuary.

Food Pantry Passion Group – on the third Wednesday of every month, this group serves local families struggling with food insecurity. Bags of groceries, laundry detergent, toilet paper, and other necessities are distributed to families in need. This group also packs weekly backpack bags for school age children so that they will have food for the weekend.

G.E.M. (Greet. Eat. Meet.) – this group provides monthly meetings for our Senior Adults to meet for lunch, fellowship together, and share programs of current interest.

Hospitality Passion Group – is an excellent way to serve others and share the love of the Lord Jesus. Their goal is not only to feed the body, but to nourish the soul through the personal interaction that occurs at meals and events where food is served. This group hosts two BIG events each year – Easter Breakfast and Thanksgiving Dinner – along with luncheons, picnics, cookouts, etc.

Library Passion Group – the mission of the church library is to provide resources that expound our faith tradition, provide us more knowledge of our church and the Christian faith; books that challenge us, create an appreciation for literature, inspire, and encourage. It is open to all members of our congregation and community.

Nursery Passion Group – our nursery is a wonderful and nurturing environment for nursery to preschool age children. We care for our children with love and make them feel comfortable coming weekly to a familiar surrounding. We encourage pretend play, along with teaching God’s love and to share / care for each other.

Peace by Piece Quilting – this ministry uses donated fabric and supplies to create lap quilts, baby quilts, and fidget pads for the elderly. These handmade quilts bring much warmth and love to those who need them most. No experience is necessary, just a willingness to pour a lot of love into the lap of those less fortunate.

Safety & Security Team – this is a group of volunteers who oversee and implement safety and security measures to make the church the most inviting and safe place to worship.

Technology Passion Group – this group works behind the scenes on Sunday mornings to make sure that the message of our Lord is able to be viewed by anyone that wishes to come and worship with us. Our services can be viewed on our website, Facebook, or YouTube Channel each week.

Ushers and Greeters Passion Group – this group consists of the first smiling faces you see when you enter our building on Sunday mornings. They will make you feel welcomed and are available if anyone needs assistance or has questions. This groups works on a rotating schedule and are always open to volunteers.

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