Reach Out and Touch Outreach

Reach Out and Touch:  Ministry Partners, thank you for all your contributions to the Outreach Ministry for the Summer season. We are finishing our summer season of visits, cards, and contacts of our homebound and nursing home residents. Please bring your “Reach Out and Touch” cards to the “Reach Out and Touch” table outside the church office and drop it off in the basket marked for that.

The fall season of Reach Out and Touch Outreach is beginning. Select new cards for the fall season (September-November) by choosing either new people or keep the same ones as you had before. Be sure to sign the sheet indicating who you will be reaching out to during the fall season. Cards are now available on the table. If you would rather, select a name or names to check on, but leave the cards in the file, you may do so. Record your visits when you are at church. Many of those who have been contacted have expressed appreciation.

It helps to know who in our congregation is being cared for and who may need some extra attention. By recording your contacts, we are able to be sure all those under our umbrella feel the love of Christ through their Christian brothers and sisters.

If you have not been a ministry partner before, check the table out. You can make such a difference with a card, a phone call, or a visit.

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