At First Baptist we are passionate about discipling our children with the Good News of Jesus! Most of our teachers have been working with children for years and believe in the importance of giving biblical teaching in a way that is memorable and exciting for years of impact.

Our current children’s weekly programming opportunities are as follow:

Sunday School – 10am

During Sunday School our children are broken up into two classes: 4-5 year olds and then grade school. Located on the bottom level of the church, our children gather for a time of snack and fellowship before breaking into their classes where they receive age appropriate teaching. This usually includes a craft or other game that encourages them to remember what they learned throughout the week.

We dare you to challenge those who have grown up in our church to a game of bible trivia. They are tough to beat!

Sunday Worship – 11am

We believe that children are made to be a part of worship just as much as everyone else! We welcome the energy and innocence that they bring to the sanctuary each Sunday. During morning worship, our children begin in the service and generally stay with us until a little over halfway through the service.

During a portion of morning worship, our children are welcomed to the altar where the church offers a blessing on them and they in return offer a blessing on the adults as they leave for children’s church. Our preschool age children are then taken down to the nursery and our grade school children enter into a shared children’s church class.

Children’s church is taught by a rotating group of leaders who share a bible story and some other activity while the sermon is going on in the sanctuary. Usually the story taught in children’s church is the same that is being used in morning worship. This is designed so that families can talk about the story together after church!

Wednesday Nights -6pm

Wednesday night is childrens choir night! Under the leadership of Meg Judd and Sharon McGinley, our children sing together downstairs in the children’s choir room. Typically they then perform in morning worship a few times a year. After about 30 minutes of choir, our children then head to the Christian Life Center next door for dinner and a game. After a busy day at school and working hard in choir, we intentionally want to create time for the children to have food and fun together and get some of that energy out!

Our Wednesday night schedule currently follows the Williamsburg Independent School schedule, which means we typically take the summer off to focus on other activities.

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