Making a Difference: Kentucky Regional Flooding

We have all seen the images from the flooding and devastation affecting our neighbors in Eastern Kentucky. You may have already found a way to help, but if not, below are some ways that our church will focus on to help the flood victims:

1.  Our church will collect for Beavercreek Elementary School, a shelter, in Knott County:
       • Paper Towels
       • Garbage Bags
       • Old Towels (used for cleanup)
       • Individual packets of protein (tuna, peanut butter, etc.)

Bring these items to the church by Noon on Tuesday, August 2nd. We will also send items from our Food Pantry.

2.  At present, (2) groups plan to go from our church this weekend into the area to help. One group will be heading to Knott County to help cook, clean, and serve meals.

       • Items the groups could take are:
                  • Can openers
                  • Pocket knives
                  • Neosporin
                  • Anti-fungal cream
                  • Bug spray
                  • Lysol wipes
                  • Nail clippers
                  • Scrub brushes or sponges
                  • Camper showers (portable)
                  • Box fans, etc.

Bring these items to the church by Noon on Thursday, August 4th.

3.  You can help pay for Bucket Clean-up Kits that will be distributed by the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Kentucky. Monetary donations can be sent to:

P.O. Box 7098
Louisville, KY 40257
or you can give online at

4.  Volunteers are needed to work at shelters, feeding stations, and as cleanup crews.

If you can’t help with any of the above, then prayers for the people of the area, volunteers, rescue crews, and etc. are always welcome and needed!

FBCW Welcomes our New Pastor and his Family!

Hello, FBC Williamsburg!

This is Pastor Jeremy, and I am so grateful that you have called me to serve as your next pastor. Over the past few months, we have had a chance to learn more about the church, and as each step progressed, it became more and more evident that God was leading us to this special place.

For those that have not had a chance to learn much about me, I am a native of Lexington, KY. I attended Georgetown College and earned my Master of Divinity at the Baptist Seminary of Kentucky. I have served at churches in Cynthiana, KY, Cordova, TN (Memphis), and most recently Fort Thomas, KY.

More important than any of that, I can’t wait for you all to get to know my family a bit better. My wife Jenni and I met at Georgetown and have been married for close to eleven years. She has accepted a job teaching first grade at Williamsburg Independent, and I know that she will be a blessing to many students and families all throughout our community. We have three children, a daughter named Crosley (age 6) and twin sons Asher and Henry (age 4). With small children life can be chaotic, but we place a high value on the importance of family.

In our short time of getting to know the church, we already feel like we have made friends, and we can’t wait to learn more about each other. What I’ve shared up to this point has been biographical information, but the best stuff will come as we gather together and serve God in ways we probably can’t even predict.

My first Sunday in the pulpit will be July 31st, but I am sure that I will be around a little bit before then. Please be in prayer for us as we finish doing all of the logistical things necessary to make this new endeavor possible. We are praying for you and looking forward to seeing what’s next?

Shine on. Press on. Go on.

The Ark Encounter – July 23, 2022

The youth group had a fantastic trip to the Ark Encounter! For the last two Wednesday nights, Josh Tyree and Shelly Weiss have taught the youth about the story of Noah. They have discussed obedience, righteousness, forgiveness, and the promise of His salvation. All of these topics and so much more were depicted there. It was an amazing experience.

FBCW Memorial Grounds

There has been an effort underway to beautify our church grounds. The focus has been on the area in front of the Christian Life Center, Triangle Park (statue across from the church), and perhaps some other spots as well. Work is almost completed on the section in front of the Christian Life Center.

A fund has been established for the FBC Memorial Grounds, whereby donations may be made in memory of a loved one(s) or families. Donations are still being accepted to help finish the project and to maintain its upkeep.

If you would like to contribute to this project, please designate “landscaping” or “Memorial Grounds” with your donation and mail them to the church. Thank you to all of those who have helped make this project a reality.