FBCW Concert of Prayer

On Sunday, April 10, 2022, First Baptist Church held their first Concert of Prayer event. What is a concert of prayer, you might ask? If you research it, you can find all kinds of differing viewpoints and definitions, but with our event, it was a prayer walk through several “prayer stations.” These prayer stations consisted of self-guided activities that prompted participants to think about and pray about specific aspects of their faith, their community, and their walk with God.

A wonderful time of fellowship was had by all in attendance. This event helped us to grow more as a church and to grow in our own individual, spiritual walks with God.


Spectrum currently has an outage in the Williamsburg area due to the storm last night. The phone at the church office is temporarily out of service. If you need to contact the church office, please email fbcwoffice@gmail.com or come by during office hours.