Being the Church in the Midst of a Pandemic

Keep up with worship, Bible studies and messages from FBC through Facebook. Click on the Facebook icon on the opening page of the website and it will take you to the First Baptist Williamsburg Facebook page. Pastor Ande has online worship services, Bible studies, music concerts, and more for you. You can also find these on the First Baptist YouTube Channel FBCW_KY Sermons.
During this time, please consider Online Giving.  Go to opening page of the First Baptist webpage. Click on online giving (located at the top of the website), fill out the form, and hit donate.You will be taken to a secure webpage form to fill out the specific credit card or bank information needed for online giving. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the church office.

Ministry Opportunities: There are members of the church and community who are alone and could use a contact. If you would be willing to make a phone call, write a note, Facetime, drop a casserole or plate of cookies off, send flowers, or contact someone in another way during this time, please call the church office at 549-0280. Also, if you know of people who need to be checked on, please call us so we can check in on them.

Food Pantry: Do you know of people who have lost their jobs during this time? Encourage them to call First Baptist Church Food Pantry. We can help.

Behind the Scenes

Several of you asked for my perspective on Easter Sunday.

          Over the past month plus we have experienced church in ways we have not before. A lot of effort and creativity have gone into this. Today I want to share a few pictures from ‘behind the scenes.’ 
          These pictures can offer a different perspective for you. Notice that some pictures even show what looks like a jumbled mess!
          I am so very thankful for all the ministry and care that our church family is doing at this time.  
          Each day we are keenly aware of what we have lost or are missing out on because of this health crisis. However, if we pay attention, we can see that God is blessing us in ways we had not imagined and is opening our eyes to things we had not see before. 
          The psalmist invites us to be still and know that God is God. Let me invite you to be still and quiet for a while today. And when you do, here are a few questions to ponder: 
          What are some blessings you are experiencing right now? How will you express your thanks to God for this? Remember, God is the giver of every good and perfect gift. 
          Right now please begin thinking about and planning for when life returns to normal. What aspects of this time do you want to continue in your life?

This can look like a jumbled mess!
We are learning to connect in new and exciting ways.
Bell ringing and tripods in the sanctuary.

Prayer Ministry at FBC Williamsburg


Throughout the years I have noticed that the members of First Baptist Church do a very good job of caring for one another. I am so very proud of you. Lately our deacons have been very proactive in contacting our church family when they have a need or crisis. As a matter of fact, many times by the time I reach out, someone in our church family has already done so. This is a great thing. 

That said, in this unique time when we must distance ourselves and limit our face to face interactions, we have encountered new challenges in caring for one another. One of these challenges is knowing how to pray for one another, particularly when there are specific requests.           

The Deacon Ministry Prayer Team has made arrangements for those wishing to receive prayer concerns via text or the Remind App. I want to invite you to participate. This was organized some time ago – but it really comes in handy right now. (See instructions below.)

Here our staff and administrators of the group will post needs and prayer concerns in our church and community as we learn of them. 

Attached is a prayer listing as updated as we have it now. During this time where people may feel isolated, take time to send notes, make a telephone call, or in some way make a contact of those in need of prayer.

Check the church directory or call the church office for addresses and phone numbers. (A few extra directories are in the office if you need one.)

To add names to the prayer list, please call the church office. ~ Ande Myers

If you wish to receive the notification of prayer concerns by text, the graphic above indicates you can receive texts by taking out your cell phone and dialing 81010 and then text @fbcwpraye

Or if you’d like to use the Remind App,

1. Open the Remind app. The app’s logo is light blue with a white silhouette in it. If you don’t have the Remind app, it is available on the App Store and the Google Play store.
2. Tap + to the right of “Classes Joined.” This should bring you to the “Join Class” interface.
3. Type in the class code. Ours is: @fbcwpraye

Worship Amid Covid-19

Today I’d like to encourage you and give you a few details about ministry at First Baptist Church. 

            Now is such an important time for all of us to remember that the church is not a building; the church consists of those who are called out, those who are called together, and those who have been called forth by Jesus Christ. Now, maybe more than ever, our community needs our church. 

            An appropriate question we can all ask ourselves right now is this, “Am I being a good steward of this time?” 

            So, what are you doing to grow spiritually right now? I want to cling to Jesus’ invitation, “Come to me.” Now is the perfect time to develop devotional habits like Scripture reading, praying over the concerns in your life, praying for others, journaling, and serving one another in Jesus’ name. 

            Maybe you are missing the connection of our in-person worship services and other gatherings. So – I want to encourage you to reach out to those who are in your small groups or Sunday School classes. I also invite you to think about the people you typically greet, visit with, or sit near when we are here. Have you reached out to them? They may need your conversation. 

Online Gatherings

            Please join us online for Worship – and invite others, as well. This is posted on our Facebook group ‘First Baptist Williamsburg’ each Sunday. It is also available to stream on Youtube at ‘FBCW_KY Sermons.’ The nice thing about Youtube is that most of us can stream this through our televisions. 

            On Wednesday evenings we have a Facebook Live Check-In at 6 PM on the church group. You may join in live or see it later. Call the church office if you need assistance. 

            A college Small Group and our youth are meeting regularly online. In addition, it is in the works to host a Facebook gathering for children and their families. 

            Several members have shared the creative ways they are ministering to their neighbors during this time. I’ll share some stories with you soon. 


            Please remember to give your tithes and offerings during this time. You may do this online at our website ( by clicking the ‘Online Giving’ tab. Here you may securely use your credit or debit card. 

            In addition, you may mail in your gifts to the church at 230 S. 5th Street, Williamsburg, KY 40769. 

I very much look forward to our in-person gatherings again. Until then, let us be in prayer for our community, our world, and one another. 


Ande Myers  

Calling All Children: Bowling

A bowling trip is scheduled for Saturday, March 7 for all children in preschool through the 6th grade. We will meet at the church at 1:00 pm, load up and head to Richmond where we will spend a couple of hours at Galaxy Bowling. Afterwards, we will eat dinner at Golden Corral. Please let Michelle (620-8156) know as soon as possible how many you have going so she can reserve lanes this week.