Making a Difference: Kentucky Regional Flooding

We have all seen the images from the flooding and devastation affecting our neighbors in Eastern Kentucky. You may have already found a way to help, but if not, below are some ways that our church will focus on to help the flood victims:

1.  Our church will collect for Beavercreek Elementary School, a shelter, in Knott County:
       • Paper Towels
       • Garbage Bags
       • Old Towels (used for cleanup)
       • Individual packets of protein (tuna, peanut butter, etc.)

Bring these items to the church by Noon on Tuesday, August 2nd. We will also send items from our Food Pantry.

2.  At present, (2) groups plan to go from our church this weekend into the area to help. One group will be heading to Knott County to help cook, clean, and serve meals.

       • Items the groups could take are:
                  • Can openers
                  • Pocket knives
                  • Neosporin
                  • Anti-fungal cream
                  • Bug spray
                  • Lysol wipes
                  • Nail clippers
                  • Scrub brushes or sponges
                  • Camper showers (portable)
                  • Box fans, etc.

Bring these items to the church by Noon on Thursday, August 4th.

3.  You can help pay for Bucket Clean-up Kits that will be distributed by the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Kentucky. Monetary donations can be sent to:

P.O. Box 7098
Louisville, KY 40257
or you can give online at

4.  Volunteers are needed to work at shelters, feeding stations, and as cleanup crews.

If you can’t help with any of the above, then prayers for the people of the area, volunteers, rescue crews, and etc. are always welcome and needed!

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